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Level of openness
0 ☆☆☆ closed/commercial, 1 ★☆☆ need to contact the developer for downloading the application, 2 ★★☆ binary files of the application can be downloaded, 3 ★★★ source code of the application can be downloaded.

Document quality
0 ☆☆☆ simple introduction, 1 ★☆☆ detailed introduction, 2 ★★☆ with document and tutorial, 3 ★★★ complete document and tutorial.

公開度:3 ★★★ ドキュメント充実度:2 ★★☆ [pickup app]  ソフト分子集団系の自由エネルギーを計算するソフトウェア。分子動力学法とエネルギー表示溶液理論を組み合わせ、ソフト分子集団への物質結合の ...