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About MateriApps LIVE!

MateriApps LIVE! offers an environment where one can try out computational materials science simulation freely, using a notebook PC, etc. All environment required to begin tutorials, such as MateriApps applications, OS (Debian GNU/Linux), editors, and visualization tools, is provided in a USB memory stick.

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The detailed information about MateriApps LIVE!, e.g. the list of installed applications, is available at the following web page. http://cmsi.github.io/MateriAppsLive/


Example of using MateriApps LIVE!

Example of booting MateriApps LIVE! and drawing the Fermi surface of Cu by using xTAPP and TAPIOCA. More information is available from https://github.com/cmsi/MateriAppsLive/wiki/GettingStarted-en


Community Forum on MateriApps LIVE!

Community Forum on MarteiApps LIVE! can be found via the following link. http://ma.cms-initiative.jp/ja/community/materiapps-messageboard/materiapps-live