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Level of openness:2 ★★☆ Document quality:2 ★★☆ A piece of software for obtaining crystal structure and visualizing three-dimensional data that runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X platforms. It can handle 30 structure data formats and 17 volumetric data formats for input, and 13 structure data formats and 6 volumetric data formats for output. It is distributed free of charge in binary format for noncommercial purposes.


Koichi MOMMA (National Museum of Nature and Science)

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Atomistic models, electron densities, and crystal morphology can be overlaid and visualized simultaneously. You can also visualize grain boundary structures and twin models, or compare a pair of similar structures by placing multiple phase data in a single screen.


Windows (XP or later、32 bit, 64 bit), macOS (10.6 or later)、Linux (i686, x86_64)


OpenMP parallerization is supported.


Own license


K. Momma and F. Izumi, J. Appl. Crystallogr., 44, 1272-1276 (2011).



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